Accountability Coach:

Individual Project Consulting




Are you struggling to get started or to finish your novel, non-fiction book, Web site, blog, short story or  memoir?  Do you take endless classes but once the class is over you don’t continue working on  your project? In this busy world it is harder and harder to carve out time for creative work.

This is where an accountability coach can help.  When you engage me as your accountability coach, I am your project manager, your developmental editor, and your cheerleader.

In our first meeting, we work together to define your overall project, attainable weekly or bi-weekly goals, and a realistic time frame that will get you to the finish line. Once we establish the plan for your project, we will meet weekly or bi-weekly to review the work you have done. These meetings can be by video conference or in person.

If you would like to discuss your project, please email me at

The Mechanics of Story   

Want to write a book? A short story? A memoir?  Come join this six-week writing course that explores the mechanics of story: plot/structure, character/point of view, description, dialogue, setting, and theme. Through lecture, discussion, and critiquing of participants' work, you will learn how to identify weaknesses in your story and how to fix these issues. You will learn how to drive your plot (yes, memoir does have a plot) forward, using subplots, conflict and pacing through different types of scenes; develop more engaging characters; tighten your story and use the "three C's of ending" to propel your story to its exciting conclusion.