"Bridget Burke makes it work! I could not have gotten as far along in the process of writing my book without her coaching. Through her years of experience in the writing and editing industry, she was able to assess my abilities and limitations, and together we set weekly goals that are challenging but at the same time realistic.  For anyone who is serious about writing, and able to accept a commitment to being held accountable to meeting goals, I can think of no better process. I also have far more energy from the collective efforts of working with someone. I feel more inspired and more creative. Thank you, Bridget, for your faith in me and my work."

Richard C. , Richmond, CA

"I highly recommend Bridget as an Accountability Coach. I’m not done yet but she is helping me stay accountable on a personal blog project. Working with Bridget in a few weeks I have made a lot of progress. If you are very busy in a full time career and always put the needs of others first, Bridget can help you find time to complete that side project that you always talked about but never got off the ground. We meet for a weekly session using video conferencing. Bridget helped me create a 6-month project plan and keeps me accountable for my weekly deliverables. Bridget has tremendous energy and is brimming with good ideas be it from a content or business perspective. Her upbeat and direct style makes me feel more confident and strategic about my projects after our sessions."

Helen S., Palo Alto, CA

"Bridget says she teaches the class she always wanted to take but couldn't find, which is for me a perfect synopsis of what I have found working with her. She is widely informed, highly astute in her observations and suggestions, inspiring, and most of all superb at helping students focus on both how and what they aim to accomplish through story."

Elaine P.

"Bridget's class is a structured approach to getting that s----y first draft done. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a kind heart to her students and her teaching. Highly recommended!"

Jody S.

"Bridget leads a wonderful writing class based on the writer developing valuable literary techniques for his or her own creative works."

Natosi J.