Where does the time go?

Since my original post so much has gone on both with my writing and with my life, I can't believe it is now the summer of 2014.  I'm nearing the completion of my novel, Widow's Weeds. I'm finishing the fifth rewrite (yes, the fifth!) and soon I'll send it to an editor, write the query letters, and begin to send it off into the world of agents to try and get it published.  

The critique group, that I wrote about in the original blog post, is still going strong! We help each other to move forward when all we want to do is pull the covers over our heads and give up! At our latest monthly get together, L said, "Brain surgery would have been easier than writing and much more profitable. This is so HARD!"  We all agreed and then went back at it. 

In the weeks to come I will try and write more regularly about all that is going on in this my writer's life.